About us

Linnburn is a fully licensed established business, nestled in the beautiful Scottish Borders countryside, surrounded by Glentress forest and only two miles from the town of Peebles.

We are animal lovers, providing a service for other animal lovers and their loved ones.

We believe that animals placed in our care should be treated as if they were our own, because we understand the trepidation with which owners leave their much loved pets with others. Therefore when your pet stays with us, we aim to make their stay as much an enjoyable holiday as the one their owners are having.

Our kennels are purpose built and all dog kennels have their own individual outdoor run. When the temperature falls - our guests will be warmed up with our heating system.

We can accommodate dogs and cats of all sizes and also have kennels for families to share, so your pets don't have to be separated.

All dogs are walked a minimum of twice daily in our fully enclosed, secure 2 acre paddock where they can run free or be exercised on a lead and our feline guests enjoy lots of company throughout the day.


For almost 20 years we have been leaving our cats for holidays at Linnburn kennels, and they have always been safe and well cared-for, to the extent that our latest, rather stroppy rescue cat, Sally, seems to prefer her life there to being at home!


Margot, Sally's owner.

“I have boarded my dogs at Linnburn Kennels for twenty years and each dog has been more than happy to jump out of my car on arriving there. The most important thing to them is the happiness of the animals while they are in their charge"  ​ ​

Alison Smith, Izzy's owner

“Having moved to Peebles in September 2017, we have used the Linnburn Cattery on three occasions. We found them to be friendly, professional and dedicated, with a good understanding of our animals requirements. Our cats always appeared to be happy and contented when collected.
Would highly recommend this Cattery."  ​

John Mill, Bella, Meg & Rocky's owner


“It’s always a thought to leave much loved pets in kennels, but we have entrusted Linnburn, on the recommendation of others, to look after our various English Springer Spaniel boys over many years. Linnburn provides a safe and loving environment and has the advantage of extensive, secure grounds. Our dogs have always been well cared for and come back from their holidays happy, clean and healthy from playing and exercising with the other dogs! I would recommend Linnburn Kennels."  ​

Moira Pearson, Magnus's owner